Yoga for Children and Families

Yoga Classes for Children and Families

Children's Yoga
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Kristina Lewis has taught yoga and mindfulness classes to children around the UK, in after school clubs, health days and as part of the school day, from nursery to secondary school.  Kristina is passionate about teaching children ways to focus, stay present in the moment and relaxed.  The classes aim to build children’s self belief and confidence in themselves as they work in a non competitive environment where they are valued and respected.  The skills the children learn in these classes help to build up their resilience as they face exams and life beyond school.

Kristina also teaches family classes for parents/carers and their children to attend together.  These classes are a great way to bond as a family and be present with one another in a supportive and joyful way.

To bring yoga classes to your school or sports club please contact Kristina for a chat.