Prana Flow Yoga Braunton

Find Your Rhythm at Prana Flow Yoga.
A creative sequence of flowing yoga postures to balance your energy and leave you feeling rejuvenated with Women’s Wellness Yoga Therapist Kristina Lewis.

Thursdays 6.00 – 7.15pm

The Vivian Moon Centre, Braunton

Your first taster class will be completely free! After this the investment is £45 for a six class pass that can be used over a period of two months. Booking is essential and you can book via the contact form or by phoning or texting Kristina on 0790 750 8624.

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Calm your mind and cultivate resilience whilst building strength, stamina and flexibility in this joyful and expressive yoga flow class. By moving with awareness of your breath you can build respect for your body tune in to your own inner rhythms. Discover the power of your breath to calm your mind and bring a heightened sense of present moment awareness.

There are many ways we can all get out of balance due to stress, work and family demands and the pressures of our lives which can lead to a feelings of anxiety, exhaustion and overwhelm. By taking time for self care to practice yoga you will give yourself space to allow your nervous system to reset itself moving into the rest and repair mode, rather than fight or flight. This has huge benefits on all the systems of your body, allowing you to be able to sleep better, focus more clearly and even digest your food more effectively. When you take time to reset and centre yourself in this way during yoga class you can also respond differently to the challenges you face in life, as you will be coming from a place of rest and calm.

We are a supportive and friendly community and welcome newbies to the class. Everyone is welcome and all levels of ability will be catered for.

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