Postnatal Mum and Baby Yoga

Strengthen your Body and Realign your Posture

Yoga North Devon
Therapeutic Yoga for Women’s Wellness

Postnatal yoga classes focus on regaining your strength and also  pre-pregnancy alignment in your body, following the birth of your baby.  In addition the postures and movements you will learn in class will help you to ease out every day aches and pains and feel more at home in your body.  You will learn ways to relax with your baby in a supportive and positive way in class. You will be encouraged to take these skills home with you to help you when you need to take time to calm and centre yourself in your daily life.  Your baby will be right next to you at all times and therefore will be able to feed, nap or be comforted by you, whenever the need arises.  These classes help new mums to share their experiences with others on the same path and develop a community of support.

The classes are suitable for mums with babies from 6 weeks old to crawling.

Postnatal Yoga classes are currently available as one on one sessions for individual attention to your personal recovery needs.  Sessions are £40 per hour or £100 for a block of three. Each session comes with a personalised practice to take home with you.