Therapeutic and Holistic Massage

Therapeutic and Holistic Massage Barnstaple

Massage Barnstaple
Massage at the Tarka Clinic

In Prana Lotus Holistic and Therapeutic Massage treatments, Kristina brings  a holistic understanding of health and well-being along with the most current and evidence based massage practice techniques including trigger point work and myofascial release to address chronic pain and leave your feeling blissfully relaxed and renewed.  In your massage you will receive a tailor made treatment, just for you, taking into account all of your needs on the day.  If you need work on a certain area of your body, to address pain, tension or stiffness then Kristina will create the right massage for you to address this to help bring ease and relief to this area.  Massage can also help to release inner stress and bring a sense of well-being and balance to your mind as well as your body.  You may also wish to add a certain special element to your massage such as Hot Stones, Thai Foot Massage or Reiki.  Massage can also be specifically adapted for pregnancy to ease aches and pains and address and support emotional wellbeing. To find out more about the different treatment options, please look through the treatment list below.

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Massage Barnstaple
Therapeutic and Holistic Massage at the Tarka Clinic

Massage BarnstapleAll massages use Neal’s Yard Organic Aromatic Blended oils and you will be able to choose your favourite from a choice of heavenly scented and nourishing oils for your own personalised experience.

Treatment List

Holistic and Therapeutic Massage

1 hour £40    1 1/2 hours £55
A personalised session of massage to target your needs, bring ease, release and deep nourishment to your whole being.  Your massage may include a balance of deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release and energy work within the session and using a specially chosen Neals Yard organic blended aromatherapy oil.

Hot Stone Massage

1 hour £45    1 1/2 hours £60
A luxurious massage using naturally occurring, heated,smooth black basalt stones. The stones are placed on specific points along your body to create soothing pressure and used within the massage to ease muscle tension and improve energy flow within the body. The stones bring an extra dimension of their own potent healing powers to the massage.

Pregnancy Massage

1 hour £40   1 1/2 £55
A specially supported side lying massage for mums to be to ease aches and pains using specially adapted techniques that are safe and beneficial for mums to be and to support emotional well-being in this time of rapid change and transformation. Pregnancy massages use Neals Yard Mothers Massage oil with relaxing neroli and vitamin E-rich wheatgerm oil to nourish skin and give a sense of gentle uplift and calm.

Thai Foot Massage

1 hour £40      Add a 1/2 hour treatment to any massage £18
An energising and deeply relaxing treat for rejuvenating your feet and creating a feeling of well-being in your whole body using Thai massage techniques of stretching, pressure point massage and working with the energy lines within the feet and legs. A specially chosen Neal’s Yard Organic Aromatic Oil will further nourish the skin of your feet, leaving them soft, supple and wonderfully relaxed.


1 hour £35    Add a 1/2 hour treatment to any massage £15  

An energy work session to create balance and harmony in your body and mind.

Pregnancy Massage Barnstaple
Pregnancy Massage Barnstaple

An energy work session to create balance and harmony in your body and mind.

Bookings -Call or text Kristina on 079 0750 8624